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Patellar / Quadriceps Tendonitis

Facing problems in knee joints or facing difficulties in walking freely because of tendinitis? Contact Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic. 

Patellar Tendonitis, a common overuse injury, is a disease that’s occurs when there is repeated stress is place on the patellar tendon. It starts showing its affect as soon as tiny tears in the tendon starts showing that the body attempts to repair.

Know about the Ways of Diagnosing the Patellar/Quadriceps

It is diagnosed by examination of applying pressure to different parts of the knee determines exactly where the pain is. As far as pain is concerned, it usually occurs on the front part of the knee, below the kneecap. When it comes to know about the location of tears in the patellar tendon, ultrasound is the right option. MRI is important to reveal more subtle change in the Patellar tendon.

Reasons behind Patellar Tendonitis

If you jump repeatedly, you are more prone to tendinitis. Unexpected and sudden boost in the intensity of hard work and sports activities or boost in frequency of activity may also add stress to the tendon. If you are overweight or obese, chances increase for stress on the patellar tendon that in turn boosts the risk of patellar tendonitis.

Get the Best Treatment

Consulting with orthopaedic surgeons is highly recommended. However, making some changes in your day-to-day activities will be beneficial. Avoiding jumping and running is also good that should be followed by complete rest. Massaging the patellar tendon through exercise that involves lowering weight slowly after raising it that includes a seated knee extension exercise is also recommended.

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