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What is Mallet Finger?

When the outermost joint of the finger is injured, it may result in Mallet finger. With this problem in your finger, the tendon on the back of the finger is separated from the muscles it connects.

Causes of Mallet Finger

An athletic injury is a common cause of mallet finger. It may also occur because of crushing accidents on the job or a simple cut on the fingerwhen working in the kitchen. It is an injury to the extensor tendon on the back of the finger. It is the tendon used to straighten the finger that has different attachment on the back of the finger – one just beyond the last knuckle allowing this last finger joint to extend or straighten.

Mallet finger may result from hyperflexion of the extensor digitorum tendon that usually occurs when a ball hits on outstretched finger and jams it.

Symptoms of Mallet Finger

Painful, bruised and swollen finger is the symptom of mallet finger. Joint of the finger will be bent down; while joint can be straightened with assistance you will be unable to fully straighten the tip of the finger. You can prevent such injuries by taking care during your participation in sports activities.

Treatment of Mallet Finger

Doctors and orthopaedic surgeons may recommend you physical therapy or minor surgery in some cases. We at Sports Orthopaedics in Singapore can recommend treatments for relief.

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